Finance Manual – QIF Import

This is part of the manual for the Android Finance Application.

QIF Import

QIF is an old standard file format for importing and exporting transactions. You can read up on the QIF format on Wikipedia. Most financial applications still support exporting data in QIF.

The easiest way to import QIF is to send yourself the QIF file via email. Most Android devices will then allow you to open the QIF attachment with the Finance application. Note that the file extension of the attachment must be QIF otherwise this process will not work.

An alternative method is to copy the file to your device then use the Import QIF action from the Finance application. This will open a file-browser so that you can locate the file on your device and import it. If you do not have a file browser installed, then we recommened this file browser.

QIF Import is an automatic process that will parse the correct Account, Payee and Category information from the file.

Any errors during the QIF import will abort the process and these errors should be reported to the developers. If you don’t report the errors, we can’t fix it, can we?

The QIF import process will check for duplicate imports and ignore these. This means that you can import the same file without duplication of transactions.

Note, this feature is not available in the free version.

Furthermore, if the QIF process does not work and you are not prepared to invest some time in helping us resolve the problem, then we’d suggest that this software is not for you. The QIF file format is a notoriously poor specification with every vendor implementing their own interpretation of this standard. We’ve done a ‘best-endeavours’ attempt to get this working but it might not work for you.

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3 thoughts on “Finance Manual – QIF Import

  1. Can I send qif files from my android TO my PC where all my accounts are? I only want to use my android for data entry.

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