Finance Manual – Category

This is part of the manual for the Android Finance Application.


Pressing the category icon will show the list of Categories that have been created, as show below:


  1. Filter. The filter allows you to narrow down the list of categories.
  2. Category. The list shows the categories that have been created.
  3. Inactive Category. Inactive categories are shown in red. Inactive categories are generally not shown in any lists or reports. Use inactive categories to exclude old categories that you no longer want to see.
  4. Add Category. A shortcut icon to add a category.
  5. Overflow menu. The overflow menu contains an option to toggle inactive categories

Touch the category to see the associated transactions.

Note: Android devices running OS3.2 or below will see items 4 & 5 by pressing the menu button.

Add Category

To add a category, press the ‘Add Category’ action bar icon. This will open the category screen as shown below:


  1. Enter a category name
  2. Tick the checkbox if the category is active.

Categories & Sub-Categories

Unlike Money, or Quicken, Finance currently makes no distinction between categories and sub-categories for entering transactions. However, any data that is imported keeps the category and sub-category names by separating them with a colon. You can see this in the screenshots above. You can create sub-categories by using the colon to separate category and sub-categories when entering category names.

Finance does use category and sub-categories in some of the charts and it is highly likely in future releases that we will make further use of sub-categories.

Edit, Delete or Merge Categories

To edit, delete or merge categories, long press on the category name and select the option as shown below:


Selecting edit will open the same screen as adding a category.

Selecting delete will show a confirmation dialog. Press ‘Yes’ to delete the category. Note that unlike deleting an account or payee, if the category is associated with transactions, then these transactions will have the category removed. It will not delete the transactions.

Selecting merge will show a new screen where you can select the category to merge to.


The process will change all transactions that use the ‘from’ category to ones that have the ‘to’ category. Note that it will not delete the categories, just re-associate the transactions.

  1. The category from which you are merging. Note that you cannot change this field.
  2. The category you want to merge to. Select the edit field to be prompted with a list of categories.


The ‘merge to’ category selection screen has the following features:

  1. A filter to narrow down the list of categories.
  2. The categories.
  3. An option to add a new category. Note that this opens the standard ‘Add Category’ screen.

After selecting the ‘merge to’ category, press the ‘Merge’ button. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog to continue the merge:


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