Collections – What’s New?

This is a list of changes that have been made to the Collection apps (My Freezer Collection and My Storage Manager)

For hints and tips on using the Collection apps, see this post.

If there’s something you would like the applications to do, or you spot some bugs, then you can email us at We are also maintaining an online feature list using Trello. You can see the board here and submit feature requests directly via this email address. Click the link for hints on how to format Trello email requests.

So What’s New?


  • Items can be ‘tagged’. Tags are intended to be used as ad-hoc categories for items so that they can be easily found, e.g. tag all meat items in your freezer and then filter using the ‘meat’ tag on the search screen.Screenshot_20170420-223257
    Create tags by editing a collection (owners only) and then add tags to items when you edit them.
  • Bug fixes


  • Added the ‘What’s new’ link to this page 😉
  • Better support for working offline.When you are in an area with no network connectivity, then the applications should still open and you can view, search and edit items in your collections. These changes should be replicated to ‘the cloud’ when you next have network connectivity.


  • Collections and containers can have thumbnail images. This was a feature request from Kai.
  • Tidied up the UX on the add/edit pages.


  • Added anonymous analytics so we can see how the app is being used and target our development into those areas. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect this change.


  • Bug fix – the Fridge web image is no longer saved when the barcode scan fails to find the item. Thanks to Kai for noticing this.


  • Fix crash when editing a new note in HTML


  • Added a HTML editor to the application to enable WYSIWYG editing of notes.Whilst Android views do not support the full range of HTML, this should make it easier to edit in HTML


  • Notes can view simple HTML.This was a bug report from Kai who noticed some barcode scans return content in HTML. Rather than strip out the HTML, we thought it would be useful to try and render the HTML in the notes.


  • You can leave a collection you have been invited to.To leave a collection, open the collection and select the menu item ‘Leave collection’. You will then be prompted to leave this collection. When you’ve left a collection, you will no longer see the collection in your lists. No content is deleted from the collection and other users will continue to see items that you have added or edited.