Collections – What’s New?

This is a list of changes that have been made to the Collection apps (My CollectionsMy Freezer Collection and My Storage Manager)

For hints and tips on using the Collection apps, see this post.

Bugs and Feature Requests

If there’s something you would like the applications to do, or you spot some bugs, then you can email us at We are also maintaining an online feature list using Trello. You can see the board here and submit feature requests directly via this email address. Click the link for hints on how to format Trello email requests.

Known Issues

Sharing Collections

A bug is causing collections created pre version 1.7.4 to be unshareable. You will see the ‘you must subscribe’ message.

If you have not shared the collection you can go to the Manage Users screen and press save (the tick). This will clear the underlying data bug and allow you to share the collection (assuming that you have not shared it already, there is still a limit in place for non-subscribers)

So What’s New?


Bug Fixes

  • Revert the latest Glide image library update. It’s crashing on new Android OS 😦


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed purchase failures with ‘My Freezer’. Big thanks to Adrian and Jimmy for notifying us of this issue.
  • Improve experience for first time users.
  • Various bug squished.


Bug Fixes

  • Autofill on Android Oreo is buggy and can cause crashes. We’ve disabled it until Google can get their act together :-/
  • Various bugs stomped


Bug Fixes

  • Newly created collections are shareable. For old collections see the known issues above.
  • Leaving and returning to the application could in some instances show a blank items list. This is now fixed.
  • Collection updates should not cause the “My Collections” list to scroll


Bug Fixes

  • Item detail view should show the card details more consistently. Previously large height images would show without the details requiring the user to scroll up
  • Admins of a collection can now share it
  • Fixed a bug in Manage Users, where invited users could not be removed from the collection
  • Reworked user name lookup throughout the application
  • Fixed some bugs that were causing crashes (hopefully)


New Features

  • Tags are editable so you can change the names and colours (with ‘moar’ colours!)
  • Confirmation now required before deleting a tag
  • Collections can only be shared once without a subscription

Bug Fixes

  • Reduce Grid View jank some more
  • Changing a quantity when sorting by an automatic date field should now keep the changed item in view
  • Startup speed improvement with multiple collections
  • Tweak UI for older devices

Note to our users. We could do with some Google Play store reviews for these apps. Please spare a few minutes to leave a review, good or bad as we welcome constructive criticism.


Bug Fixes

  • When initially loading, the collections view should stick to the top of the view
  • Grid view should be a lot less janky. It’ll never be perfect as we’re loading variable width images whilst scrolling the list, but we think variable width is better than a uniform grid
  • Notes were restricted to 10 lines in the item view, but not any more
  • Fix invite notifications for Android Oreo
  • Tweak UI for users with large fonts


Grid or List View

You can now choose to have a grid or a list view. Settings are per container and are remembered. Use the toggle icon to switch between the two.


Detail Image Tweaks

  • No scaling if the image height and width ratio are very different. This avoids the default behaviour which zooms into the image too much so you only see a little bit.
  • Background colour matches the image. Rather than use the default app colour (orange, anyone?) the app now chooses a more sensible background colour that should improve the image view, especially if you have transparent images.

We’ve also bumped up the library versions again.

Moar ads – don’t hate us too much 😦



We’ve modified the Custom Date field to support a more general ‘update when changed’ timestamp. Previously we supported date updates on quantity changes, but this is a more general timestamp that updates when you add or edit an item, including quantity updates.

Since it automatically updates, it’s not editable as your changes would just get updated when it was saved 😉

If you want to see this in action, then just view our Bottle Tops collection as this now has a ‘Changed on’ field. (e.g. Press the hamburger icon, top left, touch ‘View public collections’ and select ‘Bottle Tops’).

New Support Libraries

With this release, be aware that we have changed many underlying libraries to the latest versions. Whilst it all looks to be working OK, there were a number of code changes required to support the new libraries and, as always, this may have introduced some subtle bugs that we did not find in testing.

Email us if you spot anything strange (


Bug Fixes: Various bugs squished.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a problem validating dates if the language is not English (thanks Thilo).
  • Some Sony devices crash on startup, so reworked image loading (grumble, grumble, fragmentation)
  • Work around a crash when opening the Add Item dialog.


Rebuild Search Index

TL;DR; There is a new option on the Collection menu to rebuild the search index.

Under the covers, the collections apps maintain an index of all the words that are searchable. This makes searching large collections very quick, as we do not have to scan all the items and containers looking for matches, we can just look in the index.

Since this index is stored with the collection in the cloud, we try to reduce the amount of changes we make to the index whenever we edit an item or container. Thus we only send the changes into the cloud, rather than the whole index.

With the development of new features, we’ve introduced more searchable fields and improved searching capability, but the index would not always be updated as ‘nothing has changed’ in the item. To avoid the stale index problem, you can now rebuild the index which will make sure it’s as fresh as can be and your searches will be more accurate.

We recommend rebuilding the search index for your collections with this update. You should not have to do this frequently, and we’ll let you know if you should refresh the index in future updates.


Search Improvements

  • Multiple search terms. Items must contain all the search terms (an AND style search).
  • Number searching should more consistent.
  • Can search for numbers with decimals (for new values)
  • Quantity is now searchable (for new values)
  • Dates are searchable (for new values). Dates are stored like this “2017 12 31 18 59 59” so can be searched for by any part, e.g. “2017 12 31”.
  • Partial word matching so ‘eat’ matches ‘treats’. We’ll see how this goes as it might be annoying… It was annoying, especially with numbers, so we’ve taken it out.

The “for new values” is a known problem with search. As an optimisation, we only index changed values after editing. The problem is, if the value hasn’t ‘changed’, we do not index it so it won’t be searchable. In the future we may offer a solution for this, e.g. to reindex your search.

Bug Fixes. Fix some weird bugs that had been reported via Google crash detection.


Capture Barcodes: You can now mark custom Text fields to store barcode numbers. When you create/edit an item and scan the barcode, the barcode number will be saved in the marked custom fields.


Search Barcodes: The search screen has an icon to open the barcode scanner and allow you to scan and search on barcodes.


Thanks to Cerena for the ideas.


Fast Scroller: The lists now have a fast-scroller that can be dragged to speed up list scrolling.

Custom Date Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when editing an item where an existing Custom Field has changed from one type (e.g. String) to a Date field. We’ve swallowed the crash but cannot keep the original field content which will be lost when editing.


Search UI Tweaks: Tag filter is closed by default. Search shows total number of items in the collections.

Sort Preferences: We now also remember the inverted sort preference for each list you use.


Share Counts: My Collections now show a count of the number of users that have access to that collection. This count does not include the owner.


Item Counts: The number of containers and items is now shown.


Search Counts: The number of items found is shown when searching.


Invert Sort: Long pressing on sort button will invert the search, e.g. A->Z becomes Z->A

Search UI Improvements: Some changes to reduce the jankiness.

Moar Images: Collection and Container Images are shown in the details.vault-boy

New Public Collection: We’ve added a Bottle Tops public collection

Bug Fixes: Some fixes including a bug with the time picker.


My Collections: A newly skinned variant of the application that is marketed as a more generic collections application. As a bonus, it has a blue colour scheme 😀


User Roles: When you invite users to share a collection, they are initially given a READ role. Which, as the name implies, means they can only read items in your collection. They cannot alter anything.

Manage User: There is a new screen to manage users (hanging off the collection menu) which allows you to see who you are sharing your collection with, and gives you the option to set the user role to:

  • READ – read only role
  • WRITE – a role that allows users to create and delete containers and items. (This is same as the previous situation)
  • ADMIN – The same as WRITE, but the user can now modify the collection to create tags and custom fields. They can also manage users.  They cannot share or delete the collection, only the owner can do that
  • REMOVE – This will ‘unshare’ the collection with that user and effectively hide the collection from them

Public Collections: Now we’ve implemented roles, we are adding a new feature that allows users to mark their collections as ‘public‘. This will then allow any user of the application to view the collection in a READ-ONLY mode. You can see everything in the public collections, but you can’t change anything. This is currently a work in progress and the only public collection is one of ours so you can see the beers we’ve sampled.

Contact us directly if you have a collection you would like to make public.


Bug Fixes: Fix crash when sorting (thanks Vinicius)


Custom Time. The custom date fields can now show the time.

Automatic Time Stamp: Custom date fields can now be automatically updated with the current date and time whenever the quantity is changed. You can use this to maintain a ‘timestamp’ of when the quantity changed and lists can be ordered by this value.


Bug Fixes. Fix occasional crash when starting up or showing search.


Bug Fixes. Fix a range of bugs that some users experienced in the last release.

HTML Notes. The collection notes support HTML and have an edit HTML button.


Sort on Custom Fields. You can sort on any custom field and the sort choice will be remembered for that particular list/container.

Coin Collection Sample. Added a sample collection showing some UK coins. It’s not all about freezers and storage 😀


Copy Items. You can now copy an item and edit it immediately. Thanks to Vinicius Thedim for the suggestion.

Create Sample Collections. We appreciate that first time users may not know where to start when creating a collection, so we have packaged up a sample/demonstration collection of a typical fridge and freezer collection.

You can access this from the Navigation Menu (click the ‘hamburger icon’ or swipe from the side). We hope to add more samples in the future.


Custom Fields. The collection owner can now define their own custom fields that should be entered for each item. The custom fields currently supported are:

  1. Strings. Simple free text strings
  2. Integers. Whole numbers, e.g. 1, 2, 3…
  3. Decimals. Fractional numbers, e.g. 1.23, 4.56
  4. Dates.
  5. Currency values

The numbers can have a range, so they can be constrained to be between a lower and upper bound (min/max).

Custom fields can be mandatory, so the user must enter a value when creating/editing a value.

Custom fields are searchable, so you can find them. Furthermore, the field names are searchable so you can find all the items that have a specific custom field. (This only applies to newly created or modified items.)

We also allow the user to specify the formatting of the custom fields, so you can add currency symbols or postfix weights, e.g. £3.56 or 45kg. See this post for further details.


  • In search mode, the list items show the container hierarchy. This change was from a review by Vinicius Thedim who noted that if you had two identically named items you could not tell where they were located so couldn’t easily update/edit them in-situ.
  • The search tag filter now has a toggle button to hide or show the tags.
    YouTube video showing these changes


  • Fix crash when deleting a tag from a collection


  • Items can be ‘tagged’. Tags are intended to be used as ad-hoc categories for items so that they can be easily found, e.g. tag all meat items in your freezer and then filter using the ‘meat’ tag on the search screen.Screenshot_20170420-223257
    Create tags by editing a collection (owners only) and then add tags to items when you edit them.
  • Bug fixes


  • Added the ‘What’s new’ link to this page 😉
  • Better support for working offline.When you are in an area with no network connectivity, then the applications should still open and you can view, search and edit items in your collections. These changes should be replicated to ‘the cloud’ when you next have network connectivity.


  • Collections and containers can have thumbnail images. This was a feature request from Kai.
  • Tidied up the UX on the add/edit pages.


  • Added anonymous analytics so we can see how the app is being used and target our development into those areas. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect this change.


  • Bug fix – the Fridge web image is no longer saved when the barcode scan fails to find the item. Thanks to Kai for noticing this.


  • Fix crash when editing a new note in HTML


  • Added a HTML editor to the application to enable WYSIWYG editing of notes.Whilst Android views do not support the full range of HTML, this should make it easier to edit in HTML


  • Notes can view simple HTML.This was a bug report from Kai who noticed some barcode scans return content in HTML. Rather than strip out the HTML, we thought it would be useful to try and render the HTML in the notes.


  • You can leave a collection you have been invited to.To leave a collection, open the collection and select the menu item ‘Leave collection’. You will then be prompted to leave this collection. When you’ve left a collection, you will no longer see the collection in your lists. No content is deleted from the collection and other users will continue to see items that you have added or edited.