Contact View New Features

Search Highlighting

One of our users suggested that we integrate Contact View with the Contact Lookup applications so that it highlights the search text when viewing the contact details.

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Contact View Released

Now HTC users can see the address!


View mode of HTC's People
View mode of HTC's People
Edit mode of HTC's People


HTC ship a contact manager called People with their Android phones. One major problem with People, is that it does not present the contact details in a friendly manner. Worse still, it’s very difficult to see the address details, as they are shown across one line. Even if you try to edit the contact, the address in some instances can be scrunched up in one field, making it very difficult to see.


Showing Quick Contact
The new Contact View



The vanilla Android contact application shows contact details in a clearer layout. Contact View takes the basic components of this application and re-packages them in a ‘view-only’ contact application. Contact View also incorporates a Quick Contact toolbar, just click the Contact Photo to access this.


Contact View is not a stand-alone application, but has been designed to work with Contact Looup, Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast. Further details on this can be found elsewhere in this blog.

Update Now works with OS 2.1+

Update 2 Features context sensitive actions to call, email, SMS or lookup addresses.

Update 3 Press the contact name banner to open the default contact edit application. Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast users do not see adverts.