Storage & Freezer Collection Sharing

Storage & Freezer Collection Sharing


The Freezer and Storage apps have a feature that allows collections to be shared between multiple people via the ‘invite’ option.

To see this in action, watch the video below:

Collection Sharing Video

What the video shows is an item being scanned by one phone and, when saved, being synchronised to two other phones. The other phones are signed in to the Freezer app with different accounts, but this also works with the same account used on different phones.


Collection, Storage & Freezer Apps


The Apps

The CollectionStorage and Freezer Android apps use the same underlying technology to allow you to manage ‘collections’ of ‘things’.

The apps are functionally identical but we’ve branded them with their own identities to help give the collection concept more exposure in the Google Play Store.

We are continually developing these apps and you can click the link to see what is new.

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