Contact Lookup Fast User Guide

User Guide

Throughout this user guide we refer to Contact Lookup Fast as CLF.

Follow this link for the CLF Settings Guide.

Follow this link for search hints.

Getting the Application

You can download CLF from the Google Play Store

Opening the Application

To open CLF, just click the application icon, shown on the right, on your Android device.

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Contact Lookup Pro END OF LIFE Announcement

End of Life Announcement

From March 2013 we are no longer actively developing the Contact Lookup Pro application.

With the ability of Contact Lookup Fast to search newly changed contacts there is no longer a ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ with Contact Lookup Pro and selling both applications is just confusing to potential customers.

For the remainder of 2013 we will fix any critical defects with Contact Lookup Pro for Android OS versions 4.2.2 and below.

Upgrade to Contact Lookup Fast

Users who have recently bought Contact Lookup Pro can upgrade to Contact Lookup Fast. All you have to do is purchase Contact Lookup Fast from Google Play and then email us with the invoice details of both purchases. We will then refund the purchase of Contact Lookup Pro.

Note, if Contact Lookup Pro is working fine for you, then there is no reason to upgrade. 

Terms of Upgrade.

1) Purchase of Contact Lookup Pro must have been made in the past 6 months.

2) We are sometimes restricted by Google and may not be able to refund your purchase of Contact Lookup Pro. Where this happens, we will refund your purchase of Contact Lookup Fast. You will no longer be able to use Contact Lookup Fast, although you can still use Contact Lookup Pro

3) We reserve the right to not refund customers and this is at our discretion.

4) Once we have refunded Contact Lookup Pro, we will not refund any purchases of Contact Lookup Fast.

5) We will wait a period of one week after the purchase of Contact Lookup Fast before we refund Contact Lookup Pro. This is to ensure that you are happy with the new application and to avoid any ‘gaming’ of this offer.

Finance for Android

Paid Version

We’ve released the paid version of Finance. This includes the same features as the free version, but includes:

If you’re using the free version and want to upgrade to the paid version, then just install it and it will automatically pick up the transactions from the free version as they both share the same data file.

You can find it on the Google Play site.

To read the manual, start here.

Android, Google Drive SDK and Proguard

(This is old and out of date, but it might help…)


Having managed to get Finance backing up it’s data to Google Drive, we were bemused to see that the released version of the application stored the files with no-name.

We knew it was probably a Proguard problem, but tracking it down was an exercise in frustration.

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Google Play API Services and Google Drive SDK

Just in Time

We’ve been waiting for the Google Play Services API to be available so that we could start to backup the Finance data to Google Drive using the Google Drive SDK.

With plenty of documentation and examples around, you would have though it was a simple exercise in using the SDK. NO IT WASN’T.

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