SoftWyer Privacy Policy

Android Applications

Collections App

The collections applications store your collections data in a secure cloud infrastructure hosted by Firebase and Google. This data includes text and images that you enter into the collection via the app. This data is private to you, unless you choose to share this information with other users (via the email invite system).

As part of the EAN/UPC lookup, barcode numbers are sent to a number of external sites to lookup information. This data contains no personally identifiable information.

These apps also collect analytics data such as button presses and screen clicks. We use this data to identify how our users interact with the app and what features are most useful. This data is aggregated and anonymous.

For Other Apps, We don’t store any of your data.

None of the other SoftWyer applications include tracking or data collection mechanisms that could be used to transfer data to us.

Where our applications use your private information (e.g. contacts or account details) this is purely to enable on-device functionality, e.g. to allow you to access Google Drive storage.

Third Party Access

Some of our Android applications include advertising and it is possible that these third parties have access to some of your personal data.

Our applications exclusively use AdMob advertising which is a part of Alphabet and Google. It’s really hard to find AdMob’s privacy policy, so we’ll link to Google’s as we suspect that is the one that covers it all.

There’s also a page from Google that contains more details on how Google and their third parties collect and use your data.

SoftWyer Blog

The SoftWyer Blog is hosted by WordPress and includes some anonymised tracking data for visitor statistics. A comprehensive overview of this can be found in WordPress’ Privacy Policy.


We can generally see in which country people are located and sometimes which website they came from, which is know as a referral (e.g. a Google search). We don’t use this information outside of the tools WordPress includes for Administrators of The Blog.


When commenting on our blog, there is some more personal information collected that could be used to identify an individual. This information includes IP address and email. Again, SoftWyer does not use this information outside of the WordPress site.

Last updated 2017/04/12