Contact Lookup Search Shortcuts

Search Shortcuts

We’ve added the ability to save searches made with Contact Lookup as a shortcut on the home screen.

How To

Firstly, you need to run a search with a search term that you would like to save as a shortcut. There’s a number reasons for doing this:

  • You can check that the search works and returns the contacts you want to see
  • It forms a list of contacts who are then used to generate a photo-collage for the shortcut icon

When you are happy with the search, just press the ‘Create shortcut’ menu option. This will open a dialog with some instructions for creating the shortcut.

Shortcut Dialog
Shortcut Dialog

The shortcut creation screen allows you to enter the shortcut name and choose an associated icon by clicking on the adjacent radio button. There are three types of icon available:

  1. The default ‘Contact Lookup’ icon
  2. A text based icon that contains the shortcut name. This icon is dynamically updated as you type the name. You can press/long-press the icon to change the background/pen colours.
  3. A collage of all the contact photos in the search. You can press the photo icon to randomly generate a new collage

When you are happy with your shortcut icon press the ‘Create’ button.

The shortcut is placed in the first available space on the home screen. From there, you can long-press the shortcut and drag it to a more convenient location. If you are using Android 4.0 or greater, then you can place shortcuts together in a folder to save space. You can create as many shortcuts as home screen space allows.

To run the search, just click the icon! Note that searches are dynamic, so any changes to your contacts will be reflected in the search when it is run.

Shortcuts on Home Screen


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