Finance for Android – Beta

Finance Beta

We’ve released a beta version of Finance for Android devices.

This beta version has a core feature set in place, but has some known issues and missing features.

We’ve released this to solicit feedback on the feature set and to receive bug reports.

Beta Release Feature Set

The beta release features:

  • Add, delete and modify accounts/payees/categories/transactions
  • View transactions as a list or in detail
  • Swipe left/right to scroll through detailed transactions list
  • Autofill feature for quick entry of similar transactions
  • Basic search capabilities
  • Example chart showing account totals
  • QIF import tested with Microsoft Money or Jumsoft Money
  • Ability to handle large numbers of transactions

There is a work-in-progress manual that describes the concepts of Finance and how to use the application. The manual can be found here.


The beta release has a number of limitations and missing features. These are detailed below:

  • Cannot reconcile accounts
  • Cannot set transactions as VOID
  • QIF import does not handle VOID transactions correctly
  • Multiple currencies are not supported. QIF import of multiple currencies will use the base currency
  • No automatic backup
  • No export facility
  • Possible crash on restoring the application from the background
  • Charts only work on OS3+. The charts are rendered as web pages and use the d3.js charting library. D3 renders charts using SVG and requires that the page render supports this. Unfortunately, Android only supports SVG from OS3. However, you can use the Opera browser to render SVG and if you install it, Finance will open the chart in Opera. Download Opera for free from Google Play.

You can download the application from Google Play here.

To read the manual, start here.


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