Search Feature Comparison for Contact Lookup Pro & Fast

A Market Comparison of Search Features

What makes Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast really stand out from the crowd, is their ability to search all the categories (or fields, if you prefer) supported by Gmail.

To showcase this, we’ve provided a tabular comparison of the Contact Lookup applications against some of the popular Android contact applications.

Apples and Oranges

A small caveat is in order, before we get to the results. We are comparing our paid for dedicated search applications to free, general purpose contact applications. So it may not be a totally fair comparison. But if you’re looking for a feature comparison to justify the purchase of the Contact Lookup applications, or purely to see if the free apps will suffice, then read on.

The Competing Products

We’ve chosen some of the marketing leading contact applications to see what categories each application supports. We have also included the default Google Contacts application that is provided with ICS (OS 4).

The products are:

Go Contacts Ex

ContApps (Now Contacts+?)

Z Contacts

DW Contacts


Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast both search the same categories and are shown in the table below as ‘Contact Lookup’. Note that the free version of Contact Lookup does not search all the categories.

Categories Contact Lookup Google ICS Z Contacts ContApps Go Contacts DW Contacts
All Name Fields
(custom label/name)
/ / / / / /
Phone (1)
(custom label/number)
/ / / / / /
(custom label/all details)
/ / / / / /
(custom label/date)
/ / / / / /
(custom label/address)
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /
(custom label/data)
/ / / / / /
Instant Messaging
(custom protocol/address)
/ / / / / /
(custom protocol/address)
/ / / / / /
Gmail Custom Field
/ / / / / /

(1) Phone number searching is weak on Android. It won’t do partial matches and, in this case, won’t find matches that are not numbers.

The Test Data

If you’d like to run this test against a different contact search application, then we’ve provided the test data as a Gmail CSV file. Just import this contact into Gmail contacts and synch with your device.

Getting the software

You can find Contact Lookup Fast on Google Play here.


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