Date Formatters for Contact View

Define your own date formatter

Date formats are not only localized to each culture but people also have their own personal preference. In an attempt to suit man and dog, Contact View allows you to specify your own date format.

In the table below, the examples column shows the ‘Letters’ to use and their output, e.g. to show a four digit year, enter yyyy; to show the year as two digits, enter yy.

Letter Date Component Example
G Era designator GG AD
y Year yyyy 1996; yy 96

M Month in year MMMM July; MMM Jul; MM 07

d Day in month dd 10
E Day name in week EEEE Tuesday; EEE Tue

Some Examples

To show Tuesday, 29 July 1966 use the formatter EEEE, dd MMMM yyyy

To show 10-31-12 use the formatter MM-dd-yy

You can read more on the date formats, including time, from the official Java documentation.


2 thoughts on “Date Formatters for Contact View

  1. Thanks so much for taking time to fix this. Much appreciated. Here’s a n00b question … I tried entering a date as follows in my Google Calendar e.g. my daughters birthday is 9 October 2006

    Thursday 9 October 2006 but Google Calendar does NOT recognize that as a date

    Also tried THU, Thu, Thurs with and without comma …

    Again … sincere apologies for the n00b question

    1. I presume you mean Google Contacts, via Gmail? If so, try dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 09/10/2006

      If you see the warning triangle next to the date, just cursor over it and it should tell you the correct format.

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