Tune Announcer Pro and Google Music Support

Tune Announcer Pro now has limited support for Google Music.

Google Music

Google Music is the new music aplication from Google. Unfortunately it doesn’t fully support scrobbling, and only broadcasts scrobble ‘Stop’ requests. Prior to this recent update, Tune Announcer Pro could do nothing with these.

This latest change allows Tune Announcer Pro to Speak and Toast even though it is receiving a scrobble stop request. Because this changes the nature of Tune Announcer, you need to explicitly enable the option ‘Google Music Support’ in Tune Announcer’s preferences.

This is, until Google fix their music player, a beta option and contains some limitations:

  • It only works with Scrobble Droid scrobbles. Enabling Google Music Support will set the correct scrobble options, but you can override these if you wish.
  • The first song announcement may not play, or may be cut short.
  • Pressing pause, then play does not cause an Announcement or Toast as it normally would.
  • The Google Music Support option will probably not ‘play’ nicely with other music players that use Scrobble Droid scrobbles. You should probably use one player, use different scrobbles or not enable Google Music Support.
  • It has been reported that Google Music broadcasts random scrobbles even though it is not playing. Don’t blame us if your phone starts shouting obscene song titles in the middle of your board meeting 😉

Let us know if you find any other issues, or if it stops working after Google Music is updated.


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