Number Check +

Number Check +

This application is an extension to the original Number Check that warned you when you were about to call an 0800 number on your mobile. Calling 0800 numbers, touted as ‘freephone’ numbers, from a mobile will incur a cost as these numbers are not free from a mobile.

The change we’ve done is to allow you to redirect the call via a local/national number, such as the ones provided by 0800 Buster. This can be cheaper if you have lots of ‘free’ minutes on your call plan.

You can change the redirect number in the preferences if you prefer not to use 0800 Buster.

Note that this will work with all 0800 numbers, and some other premium numbers too. Please check that the call will actually be cheaper before redirecting to a local/national call. Neither SoftWyer nor the original author can be held liable for any costs incurred.


When configuring a number, make sure to add a comma or two for spaces, so that the redirect call has time to be answered before your phone starts to dial the original number.

Make sure that you use the correct ‘end of call’ suffix, such as the ‘hash’ sign, if you choose to use a different provider to 0800 Buster.


All rights of the original author are reserved and credit is duly given for his original work.

This code may get merged back into the original if the author prefers this. We’ve no contact for the author but did leave an ‘enhancement’ report on the code site holding this code detailing our plans for extending his application.


You can get Number Check + from the Android Market.


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