Introducing YANC & YANC Pro

Yet Another Night Clock

YANC, rhymes with, err better be careful, hmm, Tank. Yes, that’s safe.

The Android market is full of Night Clock variants, see here and here for some examples. But we couldn’t find one to replace the HTC Night Clock that’s part of the bundled Desk Clock application.




Having just upgraded to a shiny new HTC Sensation we were somewhat surprised to find that the night clock has been ‘changed’. As a comparison, see the pictures. One the left we have the original, and one the right the new.

WTF, that’s not a night clock. That’s a screen dimmer on the Desk Clock. Rubbish.

So we checked the market for a free alternative to HTC’s little wonder. There’s plenty around, but no free one we could find that did the simple stuff well.


So here we have YANC. It does the simple stuff well, and compares favourably to the HTC one. The major changes are:

  • Touch the screen to brighten the clock for 5 seconds
  • The clock is dimmer than the original, which was a tad too bright (but we’ve noticed the Sensation’s screen seems to leak more light ruining the overall effect…)
  • It repositions the time every minute, rather than the HTC’s two or three minutes
  • Shows the next alarm time, including snoozed alarms

The Pro version has:

  • Wave your hand in front of the device to switch the screen on
  • Animated digits as the minutes and hours roll over
  • Preferences to set the dimmed and touched screen brightness
  • Preferences to set the dimmed and touched text colour
  • A stay awake option
  • Change the font size of the time
  • Preference to hide the icons when dimmed
  • A Do-Not-Disturb option to mute the Ringer and Notifications volumes. The Alarm still rings though!
  • An ‘always-on’ option to act as a desk clock, complete with dynamic Sun and Moon icons (long press on the screen)
  • An option to switch the screen off, and wake up if you wave your hand in front of the screen (see below)

Turn off When Dimmed

Rather than dimming the screen after five seconds, enabling this feature will turn off the display completely. If you move your palm near the screen, it should turn back on and show the current time using the ‘touched’ brightness settings. It will then turn off again after five seconds. This has an enormous benefit on battery life, such that a Nexus 4 can last through the night with 80% battery left in the morning.

Using this mode, the Do Not Disturb features still work, so you will not be annoyed by notifications or phone calls.

Whilst you will not be able to see the time, it is easy to turn the device back on and, in most cases, will override the lock screen to go straight into the application. Note that we cannot override the PIN entry type lock screens on most devices.

To be able to turn devices off, we require access to the Device Administrator Lock the screen permission. You will be prompted to enable this when selecting this feature. Note that you may need to unselect this feature to uninstall the application.

This feature works by using the proxmity sensor that comes with most phones and some tablets (sorry Nexus 7 owners, you don’t have one).


YANC Pro uses the Slider Preference code from this project. It’s a free game too so look it up on the market!

We’ve also used the Colour Picker code. Thanks Yuku.

The icons come from the excellent icons resource provided by


You can find YANC and YANC Pro on the Google Play site.

Revision History

The revision history is now maintained on our Google Plus site.

20110918 1.5.1 BOTH Alarm time only shown if in the next 24hrs. PRO Don’t move time when battery level changes.
20110917 1.5.0 PRO Options to change fonts and hide icons. BOTH Alarm text changes.
20110903 1.4.0 PRO Added Stay Awake option
20110825 1.3.1 BOTH Added support for some Samsung devices.
20110702 1.3.0 PRO Added a colour picker to change the text colour.
20110629 1.2.0 YANC Pr released.
20110626 1.1.1 Fixed bug where 12 hour mode would crash when text too wide to fit screen.
20110626 1.1.0 Now displays the next alarm time
20110624 1.0.1 Soft lights now dim too!
20110624 1.0.0 First release


27 thoughts on “Introducing YANC & YANC Pro

  1. Hello, thank you for the best clock I have found yet in the Market. My #1 must have in a clock was one that was dark. So many are too bright for a night clock. Very annoying. Good job.

    But I do have a question. On the free version, there appears to be no settings. Clicking Settings takes me to two links, one to blogs and the other to your other products. And that is fine, but something is causing the screen to time out, turning off the screen altogether. That is not a good thing :). Is this addressed with Pro?

    I am running an HTC 4G on Sprint. Thanks for your help and a very good application.

    1. Hi,

      The Pro version has settings to control the colours and screen brightness. You can see a screenshot of this here ->

      The phone does time out if you are running on battery power only. If YANC was left to run overnight, then it would soon empty the battery.

      If the phone is charging (AC powered) then you can change a setting on your phone to keep it switched on. From the home screen, press Menu, then Settings, then Applications, then Development and enable the ‘Stay Awake’ option. This will work with both the free and Pro versions.

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. I had hoped this would work on my Samsung Galaxy SII as it looked ideal for my needs. However it would appear I can’t set my SG2 to stay awake! Pity!


    1. When the device is on battery power it won’t stay awake as the phone will run out of power.

      If you are on AC, then you can set an option to stay awake. From the home screen, press Menu->Settings->Applications->Development and enable ‘Stay Awake’. This is a standard Android OS setting, so hopefully the Samsung’s have it too.

  3. I have the Pro version and really like it. However, it turns off the soft key lights, which I love, but when my phone is charged to 100% the soft key lights turn back on. Is this a bug?

    1. It’s probably a feature of your phone. The control of the soft key light is a little hit and miss and as you’ve noticed there are some events that cause weird behaviour. We’ll see if we can pick up the battery 100% event and then re-dim the softkeys. Keep a lookout for an update in the market, or drop us an email at if you would like to beta test a version.

  4. This works now. But I got the VZW Galaxy Nexus and the background fades from black to gray which is pretty bright at night. The dimmed brightness is 5% so I’m not sure what else to do.

    1. Hi Ashley.

      I too have a Galaxy Nexus and find that it is significantly better than my previous HTC Sensation. The HTC leaked a lot of light in comparison.

      To reduce the brightness even further, change the dimmed text colour to a dark grey and see if you can get the dimmed brightness to 1%. On my Nexus setting the brightness to 0% switches the device off! So not recommended.


  5. Have just loaded night clock on to HTC one x with charger plunged in and night clock on ,display only stays on for about 1 minute any suggestions thanks

    1. Ooh, shiny 🙂

      With the free version, you will have to rely on the device settings to do this for you. Assuming that you are using ICS, go to Settings->Developer options and choose Stay awake. This will keep your device awake when it is plugged in.

      For the paid version, YANC PRO, you can choose the Stay Awake option in YANC settings. However, I think I will make staying awake a default of the PRO version when it is plugged in.


  6. Love it.
    But I don’t like the lighted background – it should be completely black. I’ve tried everything including the dark grey text and 1% dimmer.

    And it also puts light in the two buttons, a feature that I have completely disabled, as I’m not that senile yet, but it’s only for a short while and isn’t worth mentioning, so why am I? Guess I must be senile after all.

    Kind regards
    Galaxy S III

  7. @Flemming

    Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to reduce the ‘backlight’ brightness any further. There is no direct control of this exposed in the Android OS, other than the brightness setting that we have already exposed. On the Nexus it seems to go darker naturally after the screen-dim timeout, but it could just be our imagination.

    We do force the buttons to come on/off as it was the only way the HTC devices would dim the buttons. You are probably seeing a side effect of this. If we had a Galaxy SIII to test with then we could probably do something better, but we haven’t got one.

  8. It would be convenient with a day and night setting/button, thereby avoiding the need to change the settings twice a day.

    Kind regards

  9. @Flemming

    If you are using the paid version, you can long-press the screen to enter ‘day mode’ and stop it from dimming. If there’s something more you would like, then feel free to note them here.

  10. I have a new HTC One…and obviously missing the night clock my old droid had…purchased the pro and set to go to front when plugged in. Plugged it into my dock and nothing happened unless I go to app and open it manually. Isn’t it supposed to open automatically when docked?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, it should switch YANC to the front when the power is plugged in.

      There is a setting in YANC Pro to control when this happens (Show After). Can you check to see what time this is set for? YANC will only come to the front after this time, and for up to 8 hours later. The idea being that you probably only want YANC to come to the front at night time.

      1. so, if I have it set to 10:30pm it will come on then? Will it stay on and the screen not time out to black after 10 minutes? My razr had a bedside clock that stayed on whenever plugged into dock

      2. Yes, if you set the time to 10:30pm, then when you plug your power cable in after 10:30pm, it will come on. Note, it responds to the cable being plugged in, it won’t come on at 10:30 if the cable is already plugged in.

        To keep it on, make sure you have ‘Stay Awake’ selected in the YANC settings. Adjust the ‘Dimmed’ brightness and text colour to your liking, as it will dim after 5 seconds. You can touch the screen to ‘brighten’ it again.

  11. Dude . . . been using YANC Pro for ever a year now . . . until this latest update. Now, it crashes when you try and use it.

    Sent a couple reports (wherever they go . . .) I find this app invaluable at night. Could you please look ASAP at the cause of the problem?


  12. thanks for useful clock. I want to buy pro ver. but there’s no option for ‘second’. how about updating about that?

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