Mapcial – Update 3

Location Visibility

There has been some concern among the early testers that you can see people’s location when using the application. Whilst I don’t think this is a problem, as it is what Mapcial is intended to do, there are some valid points in not making your location visible when you are not using the application.

The length of time other people can see your location had already been reduced from seven days to one day, but now you have the ability to ‘obsfucate’ your location with ‘My place’

My Place

What ‘My place’ does is allow you to set a location that will be used when you have exited the application. This kicks in even if the application is pushed to the back by, say, an incoming phone call.

Other people cannot tell if this location is your real location or whether it is set using ‘My place’.

Using My Place

Find a suitable place on the map you would like to use, like Buckingham Palace, and press Menu and choose the ‘My place’ menu option. That’s it. There’s an on-screen notification confirming this and the location currently at the centre of the map, becomes your default ‘away’ location.


The Placemarker for My Place


You can pick up the latest Mapcial aka Walk2012 application from the original releases page.

Feel free to leave comments. Did I mention it’s alpha and less buggy? 😛


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