Mapcial & Walk2012 – Update 1

Mapcial & Walk2012

Mapcial? Walk2012? See the previous post for an overview.

Version 0.4

Some new stuff in this version, so here’s a picture to talk around:

Mapcial as of Version 0.4

New stuff

  • New title bar showing current user’s alias.
  • New Message Icon that when pressed takes you to the messages you’ve been sent.
  • Message screen to read and delete sent messages
  • Indicator on messages so that you can see which ones are new, like this-> (*)
  • Pressing on other participants will show an info window with a clickable ‘Leave a message’ link.
  • Message screen to send messages
  • The opacity of participants is related to the last time they were seen. If you haven’t run the application for a while, you’ll fade out (and be ignored after two weeks)

New techie stuff

  • Application checks the server every 5 minutes for messages and animates the icon when new messages are available
  • Not using WIFI or Radio Towers for positioning, it’s just not accurate enough
  • Participants updated every minute
  • Fixed a few bugs around updating your position.
  • Persistent messages on Google’s App Engine. You can delete these after reading.
  • Reworked the route download. Now shows all the images and route information from a shared Google Map

Existing stuff

  • View map of location
  • View last know location of participating people
  • View Google Map route
  • View information associated with placemarkers from Google Maps
  • Autofollow of your location

You can download the latest from here

Feel free to leave comments. Did I mention it’s alpha and buggy? 😛


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