Mapcial and Walk 2012


Mapcial? It’s a portmanteau word of Social and Mapping (technically mapping and social). It’s a work in progress from SoftWyer and intends to provide mapping software for outdoor events. It will feature:

  • Event subscription
  • View of other participants in the event
  • Route and Point of Interest support by integrating with Google Maps
  • Messaging (pseudo real-time) capability so you can ‘chat’ with other participants


Walk2012 is a walking event that celebrates the Olympic Games to be held in the UK in 2012. You can find further details on their official website.

Mapcial and Walk2012

Walk2012 is the first event that Mapcial supports, with a dedicated Walk2012 application.

The Future

It is intended that Mapcial will be a more generic application that can support many diverse events. These events can be public, where anyone can subscribe, or private where subscription is only possible by knowing the event name.

The application with be released as a free version and a paid, probably subscription, version. The free version will allow you to subscribe to a limited number of events, whilst the paid version will support unlimited events and have the ability to create events.

The application uses Google’s App Engine to host the data and provide server and messaging capabilities. This is a free service if you remain within a defined quota. If Mapcial becomes successful, it will soon reach the quota limits and require some financial input to support it, hence the proposed subscription model.

The now

The Walk2012 application is currently being developed. It supports reading the route and viewing other participants. You are welcome to try the application but note the following:

  • Any alias you register with will be visible to other people; there is no privacy option yet
  • Your location will be visible to other participants for at least one day.
  • The server captures your alias, internal device id and last know location, but other than that knows nothing about you. It does NOT capture the IMEI or other sensitive phone ID.

Based on this, don’t register with a real name and don’t use the application if you are concerned that other users will know that ‘someone’ has an Android phone at your current location

You can download the latest release from here

Or if you prefer the ‘native’ Mapcial version you can download it from the Android Market

Feel free to leave comments. Did I mention it’s alpha and buggy? 😛

Techie Stuff

A big ‘thanks’ to Jeff who created the Balloon pop-up code on the map interface. My initial attempts looked very amateur in comparison.


20110814 V1.0.0 Mapcial free has been released.
20110716 V0.8.8 Fixed a crash when moving the map whilst changing events.
201107xx V0.8.7 Fixed the ‘jiggling’ info-bubble where it would continually resize the pop-up.
2011xxxx V0.8.5 Message screen UI tweak.
2011xxxx V0.8.4 Improved responsiveness of Message screen.
20110623 V0.8.3 Added ‘About’ menu. Server changes to implement user banning. Bug fix to prevent line clipping issues.
20110623 V0.8.2 Bug fix.
20110623 V0.8.1 Ability to ignore users.
20110621 V0.8.0 First beta release. You can get if from the links above or from the Android Market.
20110615 v0.7.1 Removed an unneeded GPS listener from the client. It now just gets the last known location from the service.
20110615 v0.7 GPS updates are handled by a service, allowing the application to be exited and the screen turned off. You can toggle this behaviour through the menu settings.
20110615 v0.6.1 Un-subscribing from an event now deletes the routes from the local DB – allows it to refresh them on the next subscription. Fixed a DB naming issue that caused no routes to be loaded when the app was started.
20110615 v0.6 Significant performance improvements for UI and Route downloading.
20110613 v0.5.1 Fixed a few bugs, added a ‘Zoom to user’ menu option.
20110612 v0.5.0 User event selection, many UI improvements. More info here.
20110611 v0.4.5 Fixed a GPS tracking issue. Stupid documentation lied.
20110610 v0.4.4 Added a placemarker for My Place and some associated info-bubble text.
20110610 v0.4.3 Some UI tweaks. New ‘My Place’ menu to set your ‘away’ location. Back-end work to associate users to events. Now we need the front-end menus.
20110610 v0.4.2 Some UI cleanup. Walk2012 now based on Mapcial common code.
20110609 v0.4.1 WebView integration to render HTML in the POI See this post for more details. Users disappear after a day now.
20110608 v0.4 Mesaging changes. See this post for details of this release.
20110604 v0.3.2 Reduced icon size on low density devices. Minimum requirement is for Android OS v2.1
20110604 v0.3.1 Removed the Wakelock code and replaced with an ‘always on’ flag. The wakelock is very power hungry.
20110603 v0.3 Initial Alpha public release


11 thoughts on “Mapcial and Walk 2012

  1. Yo, Curly,
    good to see you are keeping busy. After bumping into Mark (I’m still at Az!) and just having obtained an HTC, I thought I might try your app. How do we get new events added? I was thinking of giving a real beta (ok, alpha) test this weekend on the London to Brighton bike ride. As a team ( we have a number of regrouping points, so if you’re after suggestions, being able to add them and somehow distribute them to team members as friends would be good. However, to begin with, how would we go about adding the event route in the first place?

    I must admit I thought this app would be something more like a mix of Google maps with Friends and selective Layers, Navigon and My Tracks. The Google offerings are quite close but not really good enough.

    Anyway, I’m happy to test it more. Let me know if there’s any way to get the L->B map imported by the weekend.

    Nick W

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