Tasker Support for Tune Announcer Pro

Tune Announcer Pro

Enable and disable popping and speech

Tasker is a useful, if overly expensive (ok, it’s now 40% cheaper 🙂 ), tool to provide event and location based actions. Tune Announcer Pro now supports Tasker tasks to switch on/off the Toast Pop and Announcements.

To use Tasker with Tune Announcer you will need to create Action Intent tasks in Tasker, then use these within a Tasker Profile.

The Action is com.softwyer.tuneannouncer.ENABLE and the Cat is Default

There are two options you can set, one to control Toast Pop (pop) and one to control Announcements (speak). You can use either or both in an Action. If you do not specify an option then it will not change the current setting. These options must be set in the Action Intent’s Extra fields. The format is the option name (pop or speak), followed by a colon (:) and then true to enable the option, false to disable it or default to use the value from the applications settings.

Tasker options for speak and pop will override the settings that have been selected in the Application. Note, however, when you open the Application configuration screen, the Tasker options will be removed and the Application will use the configured settings until new Tasker intents are sent.

The example in the images below shows a task that enables Toast Pop and disables Announcements.


Tasker Action Intent 1
Tasker Action Intent 1
Tasker Action Intent 2
Tasker Action Intent 2



9 thoughts on “Tasker Support for Tune Announcer Pro

  1. Dunno now, but when i got tasker, i did it outside the market (there were no paid apps in the market for my country), and it was not expensive at all.

    I will try your app now, tasker support was the only thing missing for me XD (i only want it running when im driving)

  2. Thanks for going out of you way to make this clear. Love the app, will be buying pro soon!

  3. Thanks for the app.

    May I ask how do I get the announcer to speak Chinese song titles?


    1. The speech defaults to the device’s native language.

      You can override this in the Android settings. From the home screen press Menu->Settings->Voice input & Output->Text-to-speech settings and see it there is anything there to help you.

    1. More details on this…
      the intent is actually working.
      IF you don’t open the tune announce pro application!!!

      So, here’s how to dupe.
      open tune announce pro app and set checkboxes to true for toasts and speak
      leave app using home button
      play a song, see toast and speech as expected
      Send intent from tasker for speak:off and pop:off
      play a couple of songs
      no announcement as expected.
      Now open tune announce pro app again and don’t touch anything
      notice that the checkboxes are still checked for toasts and speech, even though we had disabled them via intent
      play a song, now getting unwanted toasts and speech

      1. Thanks for the problem report.

        Tune Announcer (TA) is meant to run as a service and the application is to change the settings only. It doesn’t pick up any dynamic changes to settings that are generated by the Tasker application. So if TA is open and you use Tasker to change settings then it won’t reflect these. However, if you use the back button to exit TA, then change the settings with Tasker, then open TA it should reflect the correct settings.

        We’ll see if we can reflect the changes dynamically in the application in a future update.

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