Contact Lookup Fast Updated to V2.3.0

Another significant release

Not content with just adding scheduling, SoftWyer have enhanced Contact Lookup Fast with two new features:

  • The database can be stored on SD card
  • The rebuild of the index takes place as a service

Coupled with better integration with the Quick Search Box these enhance an already great product.

DB on SD

For users with large contacts database this can save megabytes of main application memory. Android phones tend to be very stingy with the main memory so putting anything as large as a contacts index there is plain no-go for some people.

Our initial tests indicate that there is no noticeable performance difference when running off the SD card. The only wrinkle is that if you connect your phone to your PC as a USB drive, then you won’t be able to use Contact Lookup Fast to search. To avoid any isues, always connect your phone to your PC in ‘Charge Only’ mode – it’s safer for your card too as continual deferred writing and mount/unmount may eventually corrupt something, especially on a Windoze PC.

Rebuild service

Not too many people will notice this, other than you now get a fancy icon in the notification bar. It was also a significant effort to move from the core activity to a service, so why bother?

Techno babble warning! Android OS is a great performing OS and generally a real pleasure to code with. It simplifies the pain of process management by taking some of this away from the developer. One drawback of this is it’s a brutal task master. If the OS needs more resources it will quite happily kill your task. You get some minor warnings via the applications lifecycle calls, but boom your out.

Generally it’s not a problem if you keep the application ‘front and center’. However, rebuilding the index for some customers can take minutes. The temptation is to go and do something else, say browse a few websites which have high resource demands. Boom! You sunk my battleship!

To prevent this you can run things as a service, but even that is no guarantee of safety. You can’t tell the OS that you would like to keep running, but you can sort of pacify it into picking on someone else’s service if you leave it a nice, tasty icon in the notification bar.

The cooler the icon, the more chance the OS will leave you alone. Well, OK I made the last sentence up, but if coolness does count then “we’re rockin”. Coolness aside, Android’s OS can still kick-our-ass back to Kansas if you get a phone call in the middle of all this. No worries, just re-build again.

Some thanks are due to the people who created the basic disk image used in the notification icon. Thanks, I hope my mangled 50×50 abomination doesn’t affect your sensibilities too much. p.s. don’t tell the Android OS I said that!


Currently, if you uninstall Contact Lookup Fast and have installed the database onto the SD card, you will have to manually clear it out. However, if you do want to uninstall, switch the DB to internal memory, select no categories and rebuild, which will be quick because there’s no data. A re-build always deletes the database from both internal and SD card first.

If you forget to do this, you can always delete the database manually with a free file manager application. The database is located on the SD card at /data/databases/contactlookupfast, or if you go from the root partition at /mnt/sdcard/data/databases/contactlookupfast

But what the hell, why would you even think about uninstalling Android’s greatest application?


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