Internationalisation / Internationization / Internacionalització/ Internationalisering

+1 Minutes of Fame

Your name here!

Well, not ‘here’, but further down and also in the preferences section of Contact Lookup. See the image on the right.

If you see this preference in Contact Lookup then it means that there is no native translation of the text used in the Contact Lookup suite of applications. If you want some mild fame and tons of Kudos, then all you need to do is translate the application into your native language.

Not only will you get your name into the application, but you will also be able to choose a web URI that can direct users to a website of your choice. It can be your own blog, a cool site or, if you’re altruistic, a charity click site.

What do I need to do?

We will provide a number of xml files that contain ‘phrases’ that are used within the applications. You will need understand English so that you can read the text, but also be familiar with Contact Lookup so that you can recognise the context in which each phrase is used. Finally, you will need to know the equivalent phrase in your native language.

We could use Google translate for this, but it doesn’t understand the context in which the phrase is used so comes up with some less than appropriate translations. We’re relying on you to do the best you can.

A typical example is below:

<string name=”p_cf_contact_view”>contact_view</string>
<string name=”p_cf_contact_view_title”>Use Contact View</string>
<string name=”p_cf_contact_view_summary”>Use the Contact View application as the default view.  Note that this needs to be installed.</string>

And the equivalent Google translation in Italian

<string name=”p_cf_contact_view”>contact_view</string>
<string name=”p_cf_contact_view_title”>Usa Contact View</string>
<string name=”p_cf_contact_view_summary”>Utilizzare l\’applicazione Contact View come visualizzazione predefinita. Si noti che questo deve essere installato.</string>

Note that the string name never changes. We’ll make some effort to indicate where the text should be changed. There are about 150 phrases altogether.

Sign me up!

Here’s a checklist of things to do to sign up for the translation task:

  1. Make a note of the Locale that is reported by the device. This is the xx_XX text in the preference summary, e.g. ‘Your Locale is ‘ xx_XX’
  2. Look below to see if this Locale is already being translated
  3. If it’s not listed, then email me at ‘’ and tell us, in English please, you are interested in translating the text for Locale xx_XX
  4. We will then send you an email with the XML files that need translating, with a cover note explaining the finer points.
  5. You do the hard work, then send me the translated files back
  6. We’ll then run the files through Google translate back to English (not that We don’t trust you, but who are you exactly? 😉 )
  7. If all looks OK, then We’ll put the new files into the next build and they will be available within a week
  8. Everyone who then uses the application in your Locale will thank you for translating these great applications into their native language

The Rules

  • Allocation of translating files in on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You will have one week to turn around the file, after which we may give the translation to someone else and they get the credit
  • Do not use colloquialisms or slang. It doesn’t need to be the ‘Queen’s English’ (or French Presidential, German Monarch, etc.) but should be ‘proper’
  • Succinct and to the point is best. Nothing too wordy as OS1.6 users will not see it; they are limited to two lines. And, yes, we know we’ve broken that rule in the English versions. Do the best you can.
  • Submitting your translations does not obligate us to use them (but there should be no reason why we won’t)
  • Regional translations are accepted, e.g. American and British (en_US & en_GB). Two easy ones there!
  • Your translations may be corrected by other users. If they point out many corrections and inaccuracies, then we reserve the right to change the application so that they are credited.
  • You can translate as many languages as you like, but you will only be credited with a maximum of three. i.e. Don’t go and use Google Translate to ‘game’ the system
  • We will vet your choice of website. It has to be decent and something that we personally am happy to promote. Be wary of websites that are political, religious, etc. we’ll object to those 🙂 If we don’t like it, then we will give you the opportunity to change it. If we cannot agree on a website, then we will use this blog. You have the right to withdraw your translation if this happens.
  • As Author and Editor, our word is final. You have no rights, but we are very fair

Locales under translation

  • Default. We’ve done that one 😉
  • de_DE. Michael Bombe
  • en_AU. Sam Katakouzinos
  • fr_FR. Alain Derom
  • nl_NL. Alain Derom
  • ru_RU. Кирилл Максимов

5 thoughts on “Internationalisation / Internationization / Internacionalització/ Internationalisering

  1. About to dip my toe into the mysterious waters of Contact View & Contact Lookup. The ink looks good. Got the donatable Contact View & freebie Contact Lookup, particularly in order to avoid the adverts. I hope I got it reckoned right.

    1. That’s not a bad combination, certainly the cheapest way to avoid adverts if you don’t mind the limitations of the free Contact Lookup search.

      If you fancy upgrading to Contact Lookup Pro or Contact Lookup Fast, then check out the FAQ for some more details on what the differences are.

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