Contact Lookup Gestures

Update 2013: Contact Lookup Fast no longer supports gestures.

To Roll-Your-Own gestures, then go to this post for more details.

One or Two Fingers?

I’m thinking of implementing gestures to build the search terms, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Google already do a Gesture Search application which is great. However it doesn’t use their own Gesture libraries, but has a very good, and much better, character recognition system. Compared to that, anything I do will behave in a sub-standard manner.

However, regardless of that, here is an initial attempt. Note that there is no way for you to tweak the gestures, and I appreciate that this is something I must add, as not everyone will draw their characters like me 🙂 Update, you can Roll-Your-Own gestures.

Here are some screen shots of the characters that are built into the latest release, with some comments below:


Unless otherwise stated, all characters are drawn from the top.

‘0’ a big fat anti-clockwise circle works best
‘1’ include the small left overhang
‘2’ nice and curly
‘3’ nice and curly
‘4’ this is tricky, it’s a slanted ‘L’ with a long horizontal. Don’t bother with the extra down stroke as this just confuses it.
‘5’ make sure you do a big curl at the bottom, otherwise it is recognised as an ‘S’
‘7’ make sure the two strokes are of equal length, almost like a ‘>’ symbol, but the top is straight.
‘8’ from the top, anticlockwise.
‘9’ anticlockwise circle
‘a’ like the ‘9’ but not as long a tail
‘d’ from the anticlockwise circle, with an up AND down stroke.
‘e’ from the middle, anticlockwise circle.
‘f’ from the top, the extra stroke is not required.
‘i’ capital ‘I’ with top then bottom stroke
‘k’ from the top with a curly ‘R’ attached. Stretch it out horizontally otherwise it will be recognised as a ‘h’
‘m’ include the initial down stroke, like a ‘hn’ otherwise it will be a ‘3’
‘n’ include the initial down stroke.
‘o’ a small circle
‘q’ anticlockwise circle, include a small stroke at the bottom
‘r’ start from the top, down stroke then back to finish with curve.
‘t’ a curlier ‘L’
‘u’ needs the finally down stroke
‘x’ back to back ‘c’s, left one first.
‘y’ a big ‘U’ with a small curly tail

DELETE a small vertical from the RHS with long horizontal right to left
SPACE a smal vertical from the LHS with a long horizontal left to right
CLEAR a square start top-left and draw anti-clockwise


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