Tune Announcer & Tune Announcer Pro Updated to v1.5.0

Dolphin is Toast!

How do you like your toast? Well done I hope!

As well as announcing the song currently being played, Tune Announcer will ‘toast’ the details onto the screen. On Android, toasts are visual indicators that are shown when applications want to acknowledge something.

Tune Announcer toasts show the track, artist and album names, along with a picture of the album cover. The ‘free’ version of Tune Announcer only lightly toasts, showing around 1/3rd of the time. The Pro version toasts are well done.

Why toast? Because they pop-up [groans]. Tune Announcer toasts pop-up over whatever application is currently running, they are great in that they do not take focus away from the current control and you can click-through them. So whilst they can be visually annoying, it’s not as bad as popping a dialog!

In the attached image, the toast is popped over the Dolphin HD browser.

If you like the idea of toasting, and want more control over when and how often it toasts, then have a look at Tune Pop by Happy Vampire software. Their application pops toast and is very configurable., although it has some major limitations, like no album art.  I’ll keep adding features to improve the basic functionality, such as the recent Large in Landscape option.  I won’t compete on re-pops, tasker control, etc, unless YOU folks ask me and are prepared to pay for ‘Pro’.

Now where’s the jam?

Update 1. Tasker support was asked for, so now you have it. Pro version only though. I was expecting that the Happy Vampire crew would have added album art by now but they haven’t, so an opportunity for me if they can’t be arsed bothered.


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