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2 thoughts on “FastSearchx512

  1. Request… results should be displayed in order of exactness….for example, I type in “Mark”….all the names which begin with “Mark” should be first….I get about 40 results then the “Mark”s begin to appear……Fast is a misnomer in your title….it’s not’s frustrating….for example…a business on “Market” street appears…..Lou Berg”mark” appears…..

    1. Tony, if you know the type of thing you are searching for (e.g. name, address, email, etc.) then why don’t you use ‘Category Search’? Just swipe right to left to open the category search screen, enter Mark in the name category and you’ll only see contacts with Mark in the name, ditto for any of the other categories.

      Here’s a page describing the feature: and we’ve even put together a video for this here

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