Contact Search Fast Released

How fast is fast? How quick is quick? How rapid!

Contact Search Fast has been released to overcome some of the comments concerning Contact Search Pro performance. With pre-caching, Contact Search Fast can achieve a 20x performance improvement in search when compared to Contact Search Pro taking only 0.2 seconds to search 1300 contacts across all categories.

With three versions of Contact Search now in the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Contact Search

This is an old free version that is no longer supported.

Contact Lookup

This is the free ad-supported version. It only searches a subset of the contact database categories and is not as full-featured as Contact Search Pro. Try this version first. If it works for you, great – you’ve saved yourself some money!

Contact Search Pro

This is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of search. It’s a full-featured search tool designed to process complex search queries across the major search categories. It’s major advantage is that you can perform regular expression searches for uber-control.

Contact Search Fast

The Ferrari of contact search. Very fast, but has space and maintenance overheads. This is for you if you have a large contact database (1000+ contacts) and need to do searches very quickly.

Pros of Contacts Search Fast over Contact Search Pro (pun intended!)

  • Very fast.


  • Space requirements. Needs 1.5MB for 1300 contacts. Please contact the developers if your contacts database is over 12000 contacts (Note you can store the index on the SD card)
  • Needs to be re-indexed when your contacts have changed (though you can schedule the index to be built automatically once per day)
  • If you want to change the categories, then you’ll need to re-build the index (Latest version allows you to choose which categories to search over without affecting the index)
  • No photos in the Quick Search Box (it’s just too slow with these). Does have photos in the application though.
  • The text snippet in the results is not as useful as ‘Pro’ since it has no associated context and is just a ‘word’. Alternatively, you can always show Organisation instead.

More information on Contact Search can be found here.


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