Contact View Released

Now HTC users can see the address!


View mode of HTC's People
View mode of HTC's People
Edit mode of HTC's People


HTC ship a contact manager called People with their Android phones. One major problem with People, is that it does not present the contact details in a friendly manner. Worse still, it’s very difficult to see the address details, as they are shown across one line. Even if you try to edit the contact, the address in some instances can be scrunched up in one field, making it very difficult to see.


Showing Quick Contact
The new Contact View



The vanilla Android contact application shows contact details in a clearer layout. Contact View takes the basic components of this application and re-packages them in a ‘view-only’ contact application. Contact View also incorporates a Quick Contact toolbar, just click the Contact Photo to access this.


Contact View is not a stand-alone application, but has been designed to work with Contact Looup, Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast. Further details on this can be found elsewhere in this blog.

Update Now works with OS 2.1+

Update 2 Features context sensitive actions to call, email, SMS or lookup addresses.

Update 3 Press the contact name banner to open the default contact edit application. Contact Lookup Pro and Contact Lookup Fast users do not see adverts.


47 thoughts on “Contact View Released

  1. Hi , its super aplication on my galaxy S2. But there is little problem. Field for name of contact is too short when i have longer name , i dont see it all. would be great if name field is in 2 lines , or font for contact name its smaler. regards Peter.

      1. thank you , great … a was buy pro version. Bot there is one another missing option. The mising option is : MARK (one of telephone numbers as) DEFAULT. Standard contact view on Samsung Galaxy S2 has this possibility. When i mark one of number as default in default contact view , i see mark in your aplication too. But there is no option for change. I must go again to default contact viewer. regards Peter

      2. Hi Peter,

        Contact View does not change any of the contact details, so there is no facility to mark anything as default. I’m loathe to change this since there is currently no possibility of anyone blaming the application for deleting/changing/losing their contacts data.

      3. Thanks for answer , but if i dont have this option , its not possible use your Contact view as my default Contact view aplication , becouse i lose this option to change default number. And this change is only possible (on ma Galaxy S2) in contact view. In default Galaxy S2 contact view is this the only thing than can be changed on contact information. For everthing else i must use contact editor.


  2. Using Contact view Pro, generally a great improvement on the native HTC offering but I have some contacts with two or more mobiles (ie one for work and one for personal). I cannot find a way of distinguishing between the two by using a label other than mobile and still have the option of sending an SMS to either/any of the numbers. Seems you can only have the SMS option on numbers with default label of Mobile.

    1. You are correct. Currently, Contact View will only allow SMS to be sent to a phone number that is marked as a ‘Mobile’ type. The reasoning behind this is to avoid sending SMS to landline phones, as there can be a charge to pick these up. This is especially troublesome if you take advantage of the group SMS functions.

      We’ll have a think about ways to relax this, or make it an option. A simple idea would to be use a different coloured icon so you can SMS any phone, but leave the group SMS for mobiles only, or deselected by default.

      1. An conceptually simple solution would be one in which you let the user decide whether or not a phone is mobile or not.

      2. We do, if you add a phone number as mobile, then it’s recognised as mobile 🙂

        We have also relaxed the requirement of only sending to phone numbers labelled as Mobile, so you can send to any phone number.

  3. A problem arises if on one address, there are two mobile phones.
    Google allows you to give a name to these phones,
    so that you can know which phone number belongs to whom.
    So instead of calling them both ‘mobile’, we call them, say, ‘John’ and ‘Mary’.
    A solution would be if we call them ‘mobile John’ and ‘mobile Mary’,
    and the programs makes it a mobile phone
    whenever the name starts with ‘mobile’ rather than only when it equals ‘mobile’.

  4. Use to work on GB for the HTC XE. Since upgrading to ICS it has stopped working :-(. Is there a fix? Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

    1. Hi. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on ICS. It’s fine on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If you can send us some more information and the log file, if possible, then we can look into it. See the FAQ on this site for information on how to send a log file and the contact details.

      1. Thanks. Where’s the FAQ? Had a good look to no avail. Will be happy to send the log if I know how. Many thanks.

      2. Thanks so much for your speedy response. It’s not a crash. In the past when I press on the contact, I’m given an option to use Contact View or HTC’s view. Now there’s no option and it simply defaults to HTC’s view which as you know is very limited. Will download and run your logging tool and send in whatever it captures. Thanks again. BTW, love the Contact Search. Well worth the money for the powerful search function.

  5. I ran the logging tool and did a search for Contacts. The extract has been emailed to Android at

  6. Thanks for your speedy response. It worked! I went to Settings, Apps, People and Cleared the Defaults settings. Will now buy the Pro version as a token of my sincere appreciation. Love your apps. It’s brought new life to my phone. Thanks for making this possible.

  7. I know this has been discussed before but I could not get it to work. How does one get a birthday to display in the following format e.g. 9 October 2006
    This is the format that I enter in my Gmail Contacts. Right now Contacts View displays it as 9/10/2006. It’s ok for now but for clarity I would prefer it to be either 9 October 2003 or 9 Oct 2003. Many thanks.

  8. This is a great application for my HTC OneX and i had just got used to it. However, since upgrading to Android 4.0.4, the display in People has reverted back to the HTC format. I’ve tried un- and re-installing ContactView. Am I missing a setting or will there be an update to restore your view?

  9. Mike, try Settings, Apps, People and Clear the Defaults settings. Worked for me when I ugraded from GB to ICS.

  10. I used Google’s custom field to include Chinese characters for a contacts name. It shows up nicely in Contact View. Txs again for this really neat program.

  11. It would be great if the wording can be zoomed. It’s is quite small and can be hard to see. Thanks.

      1. The larger text display function works very well. Thanks again for this really neat app.

  12. I had to uninstall ContactView from my HTC OneX now running Android 4.1.1. However, ContactView does not appear in the Play Store when I search for it, which seems to indicate it is not available with this version of Android. What’s happened as I love the product?

      1. I echo Mike. Love this app. However since moving to HOX+ it doesn’t have option to view contact using this app. Perhaps this is a JB thing. Is there a setting I’m missing?

  13. Jonathan Cheng :

    I echo Mike. Love this app. However since moving to HOX+ it doesn’t have option to view contact using this app. Perhaps this is a JB thing. Is there a setting I’m missing?

    Unfortunately, the latest HTC versions do not support the standard View Contact intent, thus there is no opportunity for Contact View to be invoked from within the HTC People application.

    If you still want to use Contact View, then you will need to use another application to search for contacts that supports the View Contact intent. Our application Contact Lookup Fast does work with Contact View, but it’s not free.

    1. No problem. Yes, I do my search using Contact Lookup Fast anyway. However, sometimes it’s easier to view from people especially when viewing from groups and categories. Any plans to add this functionality to JB? BTW, Contact Lookup Fast is great.

      1. You can view groups in two ways.

        1) Use the menu ->View Groups option and select the group.
        2) Search for a group using the form or ‘g:’ category prefix.

        If you find yourself always using a particular group, then you can make it the default search that will run when CLF is started. You can also create a shortcut that will run a search for any group (or search) that you define.

  14. What I meant is viewing a group with nothing in particular in mine e.g. I maintain an eatery database. So I end up looking through that group via People app. If I had an idea of what I wanted, I would just use Contact Lookup Fast e.g. pasta and then view that. With ICS, I could choose to use Contact View as default.

    1. Perhaps I misunderstand your requirement, but CLF allows you to view all the ‘things’ in a group just by selecting it from the view group menu. You can then browse through this using Contact View, if required.

      Furthermore, you can use the search capability to narrow down group contents so you could search your ‘eatery’ group AND for the food ‘pasta’ to find all the places that serve pasta. With custom fields you can even create a ‘Restaurant Type’ and populate it with ‘Chinese’, ‘ Italian’, etc. All uniquely searchable.

  15. Thanks again. Yes you are correct. Just discovered the group functionality. It’s very helpful as I prefer to use Contact Lookup over the native People app. Thanks for sharing this app.

  16. Hi. My name is Tul from Thailand. Using Samsung Galaxy S4. Love your Contact View a lot. Got a problem of need to see list of contacts in order of sort by organization(company) but don’t know how to. See from your Contact View’s setting. Please suggest. Thank you so much in advance(really need it)

    1. Hi Tul,

      Contact View will sort contacts by Organization, but only in conjunction with Contact Lookup Fast (CLF) or Contact Lookup Pro (CLP)

      What happens is that CLF/CLP will show a list of search results. If you then view these in Contact View, all the contacts in the search results are shown ordered by Organisation (or whatever setting you chose).

  17. Thanks for prompt reply. Possible or not to open contact views which hown ordered by Organisation without open contact lookup at the first time?

    1. Hi Tul,

      No, this is not possible. If you view contacts without using Contact Lookup, then there is only ever ONE contact, so there is nothing to sort. Sorry.

  18. Softwyer,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet.
    I create custom fields in the Web interface of See example here:

    But in my android app, I can’t see these fields I created.

    I’ve downloaded your Contact View app but I can’t seem to get your app to open up from within the Contacts app. Please help.

    1. Jamel,

      Firstly, try clearing the Defaults setting for the Samsung Contacts/People application. Here is an article that explains how to clear defaults. If you try to view the contact now, you should be prompted to view in Contact View or the Samsung application.

      If this doesn’t work, then it’s likely that Samsung do not send the correct VIEW intents from their contacts/people application, so Contact View is not given the opportunity to display the contact.

      You will have to use a different application that supports standard contact VIEW intents. We do have an old free one that you can install that supports Contact View, just to see if it is working correctly. Here is the link to Contact Lookup in the Play Store. Contact Lookup Fast is a far better application if you want to lookup contacts, but it’s not free.

      Good luck.

      1. Hi, Softwyer. Thx for your reply. I checked in Settings/Application_Manager/All. There is no default set for the Contacts/People app.

        The Contact Lookup app doesn’t really look nice on a tablet. Would you have any other recommendations of apps that do “send the correct view intents from their contacts/people” app?

      2. The View intent for contacts is a standard action, so most other contact type viewers will, or should, implement it. I haven’t tried any, so can’t really recommend anything.

      3. I see. Surprised that major player Samsung didn’t create their Contacts app correctly.

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