Contact Search Pro Updated to v1.5.0

Geek release for Contact Search Pro

Contact Search Pro now features a new mode of searching using Regular Expressions, or regex for short. Regular Expressions are a way of describing search patterns or, as this tutorial puts it, wildcards on steroids. They are uber-geeky and very powerful but are the best way for formulating tricky searches. Read the tutorial for more details on what regex is and how to use it.

So what does regex in Contact Search Pro give you? Suppose you wanted to look for an old friend John. But you can’t recall if you spell it as John or Jon. You could, just run two Simple searches with ‘john’ and then ‘jon’, you could even do a Multi-word (OR) search with ‘john jon’. Now you can do a regex search with ‘j(o|oh)n’. This is the equivalent to saying find me patterns where there is a ‘j’ and an ‘n’ sperated by either an ‘o’ or ‘oh’. Simples.

Since Android is based around the Java regex syntax, there may be some subtle differences or quirks compared to other languages. Also, we’re using a case-insensitive mode too. Let me know if this is a problem and I’ll consider adding a setting to toggle this.

More details here.


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