Android Comments (NSFW)

The Android market allows people who have installed the application to rate it and write a short review. The idea being that if you see lots of low scores and bad reviews you can probably ignore the application and find something else.

I take negative comments personally! I’m a professional Java developer and if you find something I’ve done doesn’t work then I’ll do my damnedest to fix it within the limitations of the phone/OS. It’s always worth emailing me with a problem rather than leaving a negative comment and dismissing the application.

I should point out that I’m very grateful to those who leave thoughtful comments. I don’t have a large ego, but it’s nice for someone to stroke it occasionally 😉

Here’s some of the recent negative ones, and my response:

Finance, rated 1/5 by Tony. The developers have not figured out how to import QIF files from all versions of financial software. They responded well to my first issue and sent a fix. It did indeed fix the first issue only to reveal another. I don’t have time for this. Uninstalled

Fair enough, it didn’t work. Tony made an attempt to contact us and get the problem fixed, but he gave up and left the comment above. We don’t even know what went wrong the second time, but suspect it was the way he was trying to load the file. We’d suggest he removes the “I don’t have time for this” as it just makes him sound petulant. Oh, and thanks for rating it one star because the one feature you wanted didn’t work, cunt.

Rated 1/5 by leszek Claims to search notes. Does not on HTC hero

Hurrah. Another moron, I thought they’d all gone! It doesn’t claim to search notes, you stupid fuckwit.

Rated 2/5 by ren Снес. Платная платная тоже не ищет в Примечаниях Контактов. Люди, ставьте “Contact Group Manager” !!! Ищет везде. Desire 2.29

Translates as “Demolished. Toll fee is also not looking in the Notes Contacts. People put a “Contact Group Manager”!!! Looking for everywhere. Desire 2.29″

Not a particularly good translation from Google, but given the IQ level of ren, then maybe his comment is just not well formed. This is another example of an Intellectually Challenged individual who does not bother to look at the instructions, or even set the preferences. It only searches notes if you enable it.

Given the number of stupid/lazy people out there, I’ve now changed the defaults and released a ‘Contact Lookup for Dummies’.

Rated 1/5 by johnny. Why woul i want to look up contacts i already have. Rubbish

Firstly, if you are going to leave a comment, then make sure you can spell. Secondly, whose contacts do you want to lookup if not your own? Did you want to see mine? Why would you want to see mine, unless it’s for my gay friend’s phone number. Moron.

Rated 1/5 by dhiraj. Didn’t work on LG gt540

What didn’t work? Did it crash, did it not speak, did it not toast, did it display any errors? You, Sir, are as useless as your comment.

Rated 1/5 by xxx It does not search notes in the contacts. Useless

xxx, you are a RETARD. It plainly says that in the description. It says buy the Pro version if you want Notes searching. What a moron. (Note the user has since figured out that Pro does Notes, so I’ll hide his name now)

Rated 3/5 by Chris Nice idea, but seems to reverse and combine numbers to find match

No shit Sherlock. The reverse number is part of the Contact Data used by Google for fast lookups. Whilst Contact Lookup could possible ignore this, why should it? I’d be interested in the scenario’s where people find this a problem. And if that’s the worst you could write, why bother at all.

Rated 3/5 by Elvis Mispronounces artists names:-(

Yes, you’re a cunt too.

Rated 1/5 by Robert. Was able to search notes in past, but it was moved to pro w/h warn. I couldn’t find anything when I needed it most. Removing when updating is EVIL!

I sympathise with Robert, he missed the fact the searching notes was taken out of the free version a month ago, unlike Cybers, below, who read the release notes and realised immediately. If I thought people would donate, then I’d have left notes searching in the free version. But, there’s a freetard mentality in the Android market and I need all the incentives I can give to people to buy the ‘Pro’ version.

Rated 3/5 idy, It’s really slow

Really slow? No, really, really slow? Just how many contacts have you got? 500 contacts comprehensive search in 1.5 seconds on a HTC Desire, that’s not ‘really slow’. Perhaps you should stop downloading porn in the background at the same time. Meh, quote me some figures on specific devices and I’ll agree with you if it is ‘really’ slow. You can use aLogCat to look for the log message that quotes performance, like ‘Found 37 records out of 3441raw entries in 1545ms’

You can always buy Contact Search Fast, that’s really fast 😉

Rated 1/5 Tom, I purchased the pro version to search contact notes, but it does not.

Ouch. This hurts, as having paid for it, then cancelled, I get a negative comment. With few purchasers commenting (they’ve tried free, liked it and bought) then this affects the overall rating quite significantly. I suspect he’d not initially enabled ‘Notes’ search, but it’s difficult to ascertain this for sure. To clarify, yes, it DOES search notes if you enable it.

(Tom’s posted on a similar product with another 1/5 low score because he can’t get it to work. Looks like Tom’s not that savvy with technology and tends to blame the tools rather than himself)

Rated 2/5 Net, Powerful, but too slow. I’m looking for something with the speed of predictive text.

Performance is quite subjective, but yes we’d all like to have Google in-a-phone and have almost instantaneous searches of all our data. (Actually, now you can with Contact Search Fast)

Rated 2/5 Brian, Please make it can search calendar

It’s a CONTACT SEARCH application, not a calendar search. Thanks for the 2 stars and rating it down, maybe it should get one star as it doesn’t play music, either.

Rated 1/5 cy83rZ, Finché era gratis cercava e trovava anche nelle note. Ora che ha fatto la ver. pro, la free non lo fa più. Che personaggio! Galaxy S – Froyo 2.2.1

Translates as “Until it was free and was also tried in the notes. Now that he has made the truth. pro, the free does not do it anymore. What a character! Galaxy S – Froyo 2.2.1”

The initial free version did search notes, but I moved this over to the pro version on the assumption that most people wouldn’t have notes unless it was a business contact database. Obviously ‘Cybers’ does and is annoyed. C’mon, the pro version is one British Pound. If you found the free version useful and can’t afford the pound than it’s a sad state of affairs.

Rated 1/5 Mikael, Crap

Hmm, not much to go on here, either it didn’t work on his device, or he didn’t read the installation instructions correctly. However, if you don’t tell me why it’s ‘crap’ then I can’t fix it.