Contact Search Pro Updated to v1.4.2

Contact photos in the application

More eye candy for Contact Search Pro

Added photo icons to the main application screen. You can toggle these on and off from the settings menu. Contacts with no photo’s do not show a ‘place holder’ icon, I thought it was neater without.

The settings to show contact photos does not affect the Quick Search screen, these will always show photos.

Update 2011-01-05

I’ve reworked photo loading within the application so that photos are loaded ‘on-demand’. This has improved performance significantly, but also I’ve seen this working on OS 1.6!

The problems mentioned below are no longer an issue.

Note that there is a noticeable performance hit with contact photo’s displayed that is proportional to the number of results returned. I’ll see if I can reduce this hit in later versions.

I’ve tested this on OS 2.2 and OS 2.1 using real HTC devices and all looks well. It doesn’t work for OS 1.6 which appears to be a ‘bug’ or unimplemented feature in this version. I’ve left the code in the application, so if you try it on OS 1.6 you’ll just see an empty placeholder for the photos. Sorry, I tried 😦

More details here.


2 thoughts on “Contact Search Pro Updated to v1.4.2

  1. I tried Contact Search (the free version) and it does indeed do a much better job than the Android search does. However, I am still encountering some problems with searches. For contacts that I have entered with only their first name (such as a receptionist at a company I do business with) the search will not find the name. Is this a bug or something that the Pro version will handle better or ??? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or fixes for this. Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      If the name is in the usual ‘name’ fields, or in the organisation fields, then it should find them. Can you check the settings and make sure that you are searching on all the fields (press the menu button from the Contact Search application screen). You might want to try disable/enable them as it could possibly be a bug where the preference screen shows the field as being searched, but it’s not correctly storing them.

      If you try just searching on part of the name, like ‘Jo’ for ‘John’ does it find them?

      If this doesn’t fix it, then email me with details of you device OS version and I’ll investigate further. ( @

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