Android Source Code

It’s Open Source, so where is it?

Whilst looking into adding contact photo icons for OS1.6, I needed to look at the core OS code, specifically for the People.loadContactPhoto() method, as this would have the same logic in it for 1.6 that I needed.  I’d had a quick stab at doing this based on some OS2.2 code I had, but couldn’t get it to work in the emulator, so naturally assumed I was missing something with the API.

I know the code is in the Git repository here.  But, out of all the projects, where is it?  It’s not immediately obvious, nor easy to track this down.  The higher level Source Page doesn’t help much either.

After being truly frustrated and not finding the code, I searched elsewhere and found this helpful blog that had packed the code into the various releases, which is exactly what I wanted.  Cheers.


As it turns out, my initial code was correct, it’s just an emulator issue <sigh>


Footnote 2.

You can find the core code here. I’d actually been in this directory, but am so used to Java projects being com… that having looked in… and not seen anything I recognised had passed it over.  The core Android classes are in the android… structure, doh.


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