Contact Search Pro Released

Contact Search has gone ‘pro’

A ‘pro’ version of Contact Search has been released. This offers the same basic functionality as the free version, but allows you to search on more fields.

It’s main advantage, at least in this release, is that it can perform intelligent phone number searches. If, like me, your contact database is full of obscurely formatted phone numbers, with weird spacing, extra characters, dashes, etc., then it’s a nightmare to search. The ‘pro’ version overcomes most of these problems by allowing you to ignore the majority of formatting.

For example:

  • A phone number like ‘+44 7888 123 456’ . When searching normally you’d enter 07888123 and it wouldn’t be found. With intelligent searching it will.
  • Not convinced? Then try ‘+44 (0)78 88 12 34 56’ and search with 07888 – found!
  • More? How about ’07-88.812x3y4z56′ and search with ‘812345’ – found!
  • You want the hard sell? ‘+44788 8123 456’ and search with ‘07888’ – not found!   C’mon, I said it was intelligent, not Einstein 😉 It can’t guess the missing digit.

In a nutshell it will find any contact number (phone, fax custom, but has to be a ‘phone’ number) where the search term (all digits, no spaces) appears in the same order in the phone number, regardless of the characters in-between.

Make sure that you enable this option in the preferences screen.

Now that is worth buying 😛


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