Contact Search Updated to v1.2.0

Now works with OS 1.6 devices

Coming to the Market near you soon 😉

The latest changes to Contact Search have been around the Database access classes to allow 1.6 devices to work.

For OS2.0, Google improved the framework around data access for Contacts and these are not compatible with 1.6.  It was a large piece of work to write the 1.6 data access code and refactor the contact searching to be able to run both.

There are some caveats for 1.6 users though:

  • Nickname and Website searching do nothing, as the 1.6 contact database does not have these fields.
  • Organisation searching is ignored.  Whilst 1.6 does have these fields, it requires a reworking of the query code and a join across tables.
  • Performance may be slow.  The 1.6 contact structure doesn’t have the concept of raw contacts that present a uniformed view of the contact.  With 1.6 there are many queries to return all the data.  It may perform better with a bespoke query rather than trying to use the helper classes.
  • Google quick search doesn’t let you select the contact provider to search on until after you have searched and scrolled down to the end of the list, see below:


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