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Storage & Freezer Collection Sharing

Storage & Freezer Collection Sharing


The Freezer and Storage apps have a feature that allows collections to be shared between multiple people via the ‘invite’ option.

To see this in action, watch the video below:

Collection Sharing Video

What the video shows is an item being scanned by one phone and, when saved, being synchronised to two other phones. The other phones are signed in to the Freezer app with different accounts, but this also works with the same account used on different phones.

Collection, Storage & Freezer Apps

The Apps

The CollectionStorage and Freezer Android apps use the same underlying technology to allow you to manage ‘collections’ of ‘things’.

The apps are functionally identical but we’ve branded them with their own identities to help give the collection concept more exposure in the Google Play Store.

We are continually developing these apps and you can click the link to see what is new.

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It’s More Than Contact Search

Category Searching

You probably know that Contact Lookup Fast on Android can search your contacts, but it can do more than that.

In the video below, we show how you can search for employees of Microsoft by using the organisation category prefix (o:). This quickly pops up the employees, but we notice that one suspicious employee is from Finland, so we modify the search to exclude anyone from Finland* using the exclusion modifier (!).

Having searched, we can then email, sms or send their vCards using the share option. This opens another screen where you can tailor the list to exclude people or change the contact address.


* Technically we should have used the address category (a:!finland) to make sure we only exclude people with addresses in Finland, as without the category prefix CLF would exclude any contact with Finland in any field.


Contact Lookup Fast is available from the Google Play Store.

Contact Lookup Events

View Your Contact Events

There are many Android widgets that allow you to view calendar events, some even mix in tasks and the odd one will show Contact events. There are also some dedicated Contact Event viewing applications, but Contact Event widgets seem to be thin on the ground.

Fear not, SoftWyer have created one!

Contact Events

Contact events are the special dates that are associated with individual contacts. The obvious ones are Birthdays and Anniversaries, but with Android and GMail, you can create custom contact events. These can be anything you like, any event linked to a person or organisation that you want to remember; the day you resigned, the date you bought your cat, the day your friend divorced, etc.

The widget is intelligent and will automatically update when a new contact event is created or an existing one is changed.

Android Widget

Contact Lookup Events is a widget for Android OS 4.x and above. Just drag it onto your home screen and it will list all of your Contacts that have events in date order. The events that are happening soonest are shown at the top.

The Widget
The Widget


  • Clickable to open Google’s Quick Contact Viewer.
  • Styling and formatting improvements with sectional titles like today, this week, next week, etc.
  • Highlighting of important anniversaries, such as 10, 15, 20, 25, 50. Similarly important birthdays (at least in the UK) such as 10,13,16,18,21,30,40, etc.
  • Exclude contacts by adding them to a group called ‘CLE Hidden’

We’re also planning to make a paid version that will allow you to:

  • Choose the event types to show. You can have separate widgets for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • Different themes and, possibly, styles
  • Clickable names to open the full contact details
  • Clickable calendar icon to open the calendar
  • Exclude groups and accounts. Don’t want to see obituary dates, add the dead contacts to a group and automatically exclude them
  • Highlighting of important anniversaries with icons. Birthdays have candles, anniversaries have hearts, deaths have crosses (or is that too morbid…)


Contact Lookup Events is available from the Google Play Store.

YANC Pro Update

Wavey Davey

Yanc received a useful update this week.

Now, instead of dimming, YANC Pro will switch off your phone and, with a wave of your hand, turn it back on again to see the time. After a few seconds it will turn off again.

This is a huge battery saver which means you can leave YANC Pro running in the background, even when you have no external power connected.

Furthermore, it resolves the odd complaint that it’s too bright and the other favourite the buttons don’t dim. Sorted.


This new feature requires a device with a proximity sensor to work. Some devices, such as the Nexus 7, do not have proximity sensors.


You can find YANC Pro on the Google Play site.

Contact Lookup Fast Settings Guide

Settings Guide

Throughout this settings guide we refer to Contact Lookup Fast as CLF.

This post describes the settings used in CLF.  You can access the settings by opening the application and selecting the Settings options from the menu or overflow dropdown.

Follow the link for search hints.

Note that not all options are available on all Android OS versions.

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